Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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Q: How soon can my little one start playing soccer?
A: Our U6 teams consist of U5 and U6 players. Please click on Links and then Birth Year Matrix to verify ages.

Q: How can I register my child to play soccer with FDSA Soccer?
A: Online registration is now available on this soccer website. Or you can download a hard copy and submit by the appropriate date. This website will have updates in the calendar and news sections.

Q: How are players grouped? What determines which team they are on?
A: We follow Iowa Soccer policies. Each Fall new teams are created through a random roster process. This is designed to spread talent equally across teams. We currently operate with 5 different age brackets. U6, U8, U10, U12, and U15.

Q: What’s all this U stuff about? What does U6 mean?
A: Players are grouped by age. The U stands for Under. To play on a U6 team, the player must be “Under 6 years old” during that fall season. Please view the Birth Year Matrix on our LINKS page. This easily helps explain it.

Q: If I register, when will my child be playing soccer?
A: The FALL Season begins with practices beginning the end of August, games beginning after Labor Day September and will finish in October. SPRING games begin in April and end in May prior to Memorial Day. We normally have a six week schedule with an additional week set aside for makeup games.

Q: If I registered last season, do I have to register for the spring season?
A: Yes. Before your child may play soccer each season, you must complete a new registration and submit it to FDSA via the online registration or a paper registration. This process allows us to identify who is playing, account for all players, plan accordingly, and update any player/parent information needed.

Q: Can my child enroll this season if they have never played soccer before (or, it has been several seasons)?
A: Yes. All children are welcome. Recreational soccer is an open environment, which includes players of all skill levels and experience. The Coach will work to bring the team together based on the collection of attributes. We normally try to provide further skill development outside team training with the local college players in the spring that is encouraged to all players.

Q: What happens if I am not able to complete my online registration?
A: You may contact the Board member listed on the website for registration problems. Someone should respond to your problem as soon as feasible. Please be patient, as registration can be very hectic during this period. You may also always download a form and mail in your registrar if you are not able to complete the electronic, online form.

Q: What if I want my child to play soccer, but we already know there will be conflicts with the soccer schedule?
A: Many families have schedule conflicts throughout the season. If there will be many times that your child will not be able to make training or games, perhaps team sports may not be appropriate at this time. A few conflicts may usually be worked out with the Coach in advance without disrupting the team or play. Please discuss known conflicts with your Coach as soon as they become apparent to you.

Q: What happens to any ‘special requests’ I list when I register my child?
A: All special requests (for team placement, payment, scheduling, Coach requests, etc) will be taken into consideration by the appropriate Board member or Coach. Our purpose is to serve the families that belong to this organization in the best manner possible. However, please do NOT count on the suggestion being honored until you are notified that this is the case. Managing over 400 players and multiple administrative issues may not permit your request to be fulfilled. Remaining on same team from Spring to Fall is not considered a special request and normally is not honored. Remember, Fall is when new teams are created through a random roster process.

Q: When will I know if my child is registered, what team they are on, and other details about the season?
A: After registration ends in July and February, Board members will be busy organizing the registration & assisting Coaches with setting up the soccer season. Usually players are notified by phone, text, or email late August (Fall) or late March (Spring). Occasionally, you may hear something a little earlier…occasionally, notice may be delayed until volunteer coaches are found. You may contact the appropriate board member if you have not been notified by the last week of August.

Q: Ok, so if the Fall is when new teams are formed, what happens in the Spring?
A: Every attempt is made to keep the teams the same. Some things are un-avoidable. Non returning players and non returning coaches for example, will result in slight modifications.

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Training & Practices:

Q: Where will the games & practices be held?
A: All games will be at the Soccer Complex fields for recreational players. Practices are determined by coaches and vary between Spring and Fall. We recommend practices on Monday & Tues after 5:00 to allow for inclement weather rescheduling to Thurs.

Q: How long is the average training (practice) session?
A: Recreational soccer training may last 1 hour to 1.5 hours, once or twice a week (depending upon the Coach & team).

Q: When will I know when my child’s training sessions will be taking place?
A: Training schedules are completed as soon as possible, but after registration has ended and players have been assigned to Coaches/Teams. The Coach will notify you of your training times before the season begins.

Q: When do training (practice) sessions take place?
A: Training is in the evening, between the hours of 5pm and 8pm, depending on the age of the player, Coach scheduling issues, team availability, field schedule conflicts, and daylight savings time. An example of the average training session might be : Monday & Thursday 5:30pm – 7pm at Harlan Rogers; or…Tuesday & Thursday 5pm- 6pm at a local school. Again, you may only have one session per week…and, it may only be one hour.

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Q: When are the games played.
A: Recreational games are scheduled on Saturday. These games occasionally must be played later in the day (after noon) or, as a make-up game due to weather, on Sunday afternoon or during the week (This is very rare).

Q: How long are soccer games?
A: Game length varies by age and competition level. Games will last between 32 minutes and 70 minutes, with half-time (all ages) and breaks (for younger, recreational players).

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Q: What do I do about obtaining a uniform for my child?
A: The Fort Dodge Soccer Association uses a two jersey set up. One gray jersey and one navy jersey. Both can be purchased from Decker Sporting Goods in Fort Dodge, IA. These jerseys are used year after year, so please be sure to hold onto them.

Q: What will the uniform consist of?
A: Recreational uniforms consist of:
1. 1 gray FDSA jersey and 1 navy FDSA jersey. Purchased at Decker Sporting Goods.
2. Soccer cleats
3. Shin guards
4. Soccer Socks
The all in one “soccer shin socks” work as well. It combines the shin guards and socks into one.
5. Appropriate Size soccer ball
Size 3 is for ages 8 and under U6-U8
Size 4 is for ages 8-12 U10-U12
Size 5 is for ages 13 and up. U15

Q: Do I have to wear my soccer socks on top of my shinguards?
A: Yes, and here’s why: The shinguards cannot properly stay in place and protect your player. The socks work to keep them safely in place guarding against painful situations.

Q: Do I have to wear soccer cleats?
A: It is preferred that your player wears soccer cleats. They are the safest choice for them. They protect against slipping on the fields, which can easily result in injuries. Soccer cleats do not have a “toe cleat” which is very important, when it comes to a sport the revolves around kicking and passing. If you cannot purchase a pair of soccer cleats, please try to get some from our maintenance shed. Dozens of pairs have been kindly donated by past players.

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Q: What does the registration fee cover?
A: The basic fee covers:

  • Player insurance and coach insurance provided through Iowa Soccer (State sponsoring organization)
  • Player Fees paid to Iowa Soccer
  • Fee paid for coach and player clinics
  • Hiring and training referees.
  • FDSA equipment costs (goals, cones, etc)
  • FDSA administration costs (mailing expenses, newsletter printing expenses, copies, etc.)
  • Field maintenance and development costs (e.g. field lining, field improvements, irrigation)
  • Water fees paid to city

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Q: When do you do pictures?
A: Professional pictures taken by Key Photography are done each Spring. A photo form is handed out at the beginning of the Spring season, by your coach.

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